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About HotelApartments.com

Hotel Apartments is a product of innovation, leadership, passion, and hard work with a mission to revolutionize corporate housing. Built on a sound foundation of property management, it is a marketplace for leisure and corporate travelers seeking flexible-stay, fully furnished, fully serviced apartments across the globe. By harnessing and integrating new technologies into our service delivery, we are providing our guests and members more comfortable and attractive stays in over 300 hotel and serviced apartment locations.


In 2019, Rafayel Papikyan & Artyom Meltonyan combined their real estate experience and decided to take the serviced apartment industry in the UAE to a whole new level by launching their company ServicedApartments.ae. With a vision of simplifying trip management, they founded Serviced Apartments to be an intuitive single platform that helped find the most suitable serviced apartments for vetted, closed networks of business and leisure travelers.

Becoming HotelApartments.com

After three years of growth and expansion, in 2022 , R and A recognized an unmet need in major cities for corporate housing so they decided to take it up a notch. The duo combined their fully serviced hotel apartments business with corporate housing and created a solution that was much needed. That’s when HotelApartments.ae was born. By 2023, with over 1600 serviced apartments, HotelApartments.ae has accommodated over 5000 customers all over the world so far.

Executive Message

At HotelApartments.com, we've redefined the concept of fully serviced apartments to cater to the evolving needs of our guests, especially in the world of corporate housing. Our journey began with a deep understanding of flexible living arrangements, where comfort has always been non-negotiable. We have created exceptional living spaces that encompass the finest in design, wellness, and technology. Our reach now extends to 20 different cities, offering thoughtfully designed living spaces. Whether it's hotel apartments, villas, corporate housing, or even luxury penthouses, our brand is tailored to help people explore new places with complete services.

At HotelApartments.com, we're driven by our passion to redefine the concept of hospitality to a smart way of living in hotels and we are dedicated to embodying it in the years to come too.


Being one of the UAE’s fastest growing hospitality companies, HA has now expanded to 20 cities with a plan of growing to 12 more cities by 2025. HotelApartments.com has been on an impressive growth trajectory since we began, and it’s all fueled by our incredible team.

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