A Guide To Finding Corporate Housing In Unfamiliar Locations

Oct 20, 2023

A Guide To Finding Corporate Housing In Unfamiliar Locations

If you’ve been given the task of relocating an employee to a new city, it can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re not familiar with the location. This may also apply if you’re responsible for arranging a lengthy business trip and require reliable corporate lodging for the entire team.

When searching for short- and long-term corporate rentals, it can be challenging to find the perfect option, particularly if you don’t know the area. The first step is to ask the future tenant what they’re looking for in their temporary home. Requesting a “must-have” list from your employees will assist you in determining what aspects are a priority. You may need to find accommodation that is pet-friendly or large enough for a family of five. Additionally, think about amenities that will make the property work-ready, such as a desk, ergonomic chair, and high-speed internet.

Plan Your Trip Ahead

It’s essential to begin your search right away. Not only is this a great way to do plenty of research on the new location, but also to secure the most cost-effective deals and long stay rates on hotel apartments. Getting started early can help you locate the ideal property in terms of quality, price, and location. While rates may fluctuate, particularly during peak season and around significant events, you can get a sense of the cost by comparing your options within the corporate housing market for that particular location.

When searching for accommodation, consider looking for options with homely amenities. Arriving in an unfamiliar location can be unsettling, and having comfortable accommodation can make all the difference. While many people associate business travel with luxurious five-star hotels, this option is often too expensive and lacks a personal touch. Corporate furnished apartments are a fantastic option, and it’s also worth looking for accommodations that provide amenities such as fresh linens and towels, premium cable, and attractive interior design to make the stay more comfortable. You might even go the extra mile and look for a package that includes hotel-quality amenities like laundry services and access to a gym.

Consider Must-Have Amenities and Services

One of the main perks of booking with long stay hotel apartments is their highly-inclusive array of on-site amenities. Often, corporate housing is accompanied with the necessary perks of features such as meeting rooms, event spaces and essential work-from-home space to help you effectively conduct business or simply achieve a productive time during your long-term stays.

Research Your Location In-Depth

Securing a luxurious apartment is not the only solution for a successful corporate housing experience. Before finalizing any accommodation, it’s crucial to virtually investigate the surrounding neighborhoods to determine which areas are secure and convenient. Additionally, you can generate excitement for your employee’s upcoming trip by compiling a summary of their new city, including notable landmarks to visit, which can transform the experience from strictly business to a mix of business and leisure.

Get In Touch With An Expert

Often finding the ideal fit, can be a complicated and lengthy process, often involving cancelling out hundreds of hotels. Alternatively, you could simplify the process by consulting a team of corporate housing specialists for a quick, convenient, and reliable experience.

HotelApartments offers an innovative, user-friendly platform where you can apply filters to locate the corporate housing options you require, all supported by a dedicated Customer Success team who can assist in finding precisely what you need. The HotelApartments team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of every guest, with heightened safety standards. This includes HotelApartments industry-leading rigorous 150 point checklist, to ensure guests are provided the highest standard of quality in the region.

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