Tune Into These 7 Podcasts If You’re A Digital Nomad

Oct 01, 2023

Tune Into These 7 Podcasts If You’re A Digital Nomad

Digital Nomadism is here to stay. We know that now, from the rapid extinction of traditional office settings, and strict 9 to 5’s. If there’s one thing we can say for sure about the 21st century, it’s that people love flexibility. Flexibility in terms of work, work spaces and the freedom to get out there and get inspired. With high-end technology and Wi-Fi easily accessible no matter what part of the world you’re in, it only makes sense for businesses to invest in a remote workforce policy. Not only is this a huge benefactor in terms of cutting costs and reducing unnecessary expenditure on office utilities, it has also been proven to create a huge impact on an employee’s mental health for the better, while enabling employees to be more productive. Without the added stress of commutes, responsibilities employees are inspired to become free thinkers while delivering their best work. Although it may seem too good to be true, this is hardly a fad. Studies conducted over 35 million workers have proven that employees are now 40% more productive while on a remote work set up, with higher satisfaction rate and an enhanced work-life balance.

As a topic that is constantly being articulated, these 10 podcasts help put things into perspective in terms of ways organizational changes that could help support a hybrid or remote work force, ways to enhance productivity levels and a few trending pointers of the latest tech and software to help sustain this lifestyle.

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That Remote Life by Mitko Karshovski

Fuelled by Mitko Karshovski, this is a podcast that focuses on helping young entrepreneurs, travellers and small businesses find a standing ground while becoming location independent. Conducting interviews with various professionals in the field, the host – Mitko helps uncover strategies and skills that are true to the modern day. Some of his most famous works included acquiring the skills to overcome burnout,

About Abroad by Chase Warrington

Hosted by the head of Remote at ‘Doist’, Chase Warrington is the founder of his of remote-based company. In his show, he aims to initiate long-form discussions among leaders, creatives and others in the remote work-force on embracing the changing perspectives on mobility, its importance and the most ideal way to adjust to this lifestyle.

The Nomadic Executive by Omar Mo

Hosted by Podcast agency founder – Omar Mo, The Nomadic Executive tackles the fine lines between business and travel by interviewing a series of entrepreneurs and remote workers. The marketing expert focuses his podcast on travel logistics and provides solutions and trending behaviours in within the remote workforce.

Nomadtopia Radio: Digital Nomad and Expat Lifestyle

Amy Scott, the founder and initiator of the top-rated radio show and podcast talks about the practical side of things. The speaker aims to unveil the nitty-gritties of living a digital nomadic lifestyle including networking, finding the right balance and even interviews with professionals who are flourishing in the field.

The Location Indie Podcast

Run by Travis Sherry and Jason Moore, the two speakers focus on uncovering the raw scenes behind a remote lifestyle. Apart from helping grasp a basic understanding of the benefits surrounding of financial, location and time freedom. Through a series of light-hearted interviews the hosts bring to light real-life experiences, challenges faced and how to achieve location independence in a market as demanding as the current one.

Digital Nomad Café

Nomad Café is Adam Finns take on location independence and the importance of a work-life balance. From building your very own business to upskilling and taking inspiration from real-life experiences – the passionate host reveals industry practices that have helped many, to pick themselves up from the ground and get their career started from healthier work from home set ups.

Become Nomad

Become Nomad is not just a podcast but an online platform loaded with lectures, articles and stories from experienced individuals. The podcasts are a great mix of both lifestyle and career-related topics, that help many tap into the importance of having both.

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