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What are Hotel Apartments and Apart-Hotels

Aug 01, 2023

What are Hotel Apartments and Apart-Hotels

The terms “hotel apartment” and “apart-hotel” mean the same thing. They both refer to a pretty cool and luxurious combination of an apartment and a hotel. While tourists often look for the best means of accommodation when traveling to places like Dubai, many of them are unaware of hotel apartments and their benefits. In fact, apart-hotels are sometimes overlooked and people end up spending more than they should on a hotel when they could book an apart-hotel instead.

What are apart-hotels?

Picture a luxury apartment, with a comfy, well-dressed bed, a dresser and full-length mirror, a warm kitchen, a living room with plasma TV and cable…sounds like home? Well, that’s the beauty of apart-hotels. They offer a combination of a hotel and facilities such as housekeeping with a normal apartment. This means you can live comfortably in your apart-hotel while still feeling like you’re in a hotel, being treated like royalty. It really is the best of both worlds.

For example, Dubai hotel apartments rental incorporates the hotel booking system but also provides snippets of home. If you’re staying in a particular place for more than a week, it is a wiser option to book an apart-hotel. This way, you’re not confined to just your bed and bathroom in a single room.

Some monthly hotel apartments in Dubai can even have multiple bedrooms, a living room with a surround-sound system, and a kitchen fully stocked with groceries. This is a great option for families traveling together. Hotel apartments are also suited for business trips or for just you and that special someone.

Difference Between Apart- Hotels, and Apartments

While apart-hotels have some features of normal apartments, there are some differences between the two. For one, apart-hotels do not require any commitment that an apartment rental would. This means you don’t have to settle agent fees and other hassles that come with renting monthly apartments in Dubai. An apart-hotel establishment allows you to book a hotel apartment, check-in immediately and leave whenever you want, without submitting a notice to the landlord or authorities. You can book an apart-hotel for a long period of time without having to commit, move out after a month and check-in whenever you need the accommodation again.

By: Vijaya S.K.